Friday, September 3, 2010


Cooking in my old kitchen
Hi! I'm Molly, and I've been cooking for as long as I can remember.  From the time I was old enough to hold a spoon or put a hard boiled egg through a slicer, I've been mixing and concocting alongside my amazing Mom (a professionally trained Chef), my Grandmother (an avant garde home-cook in her own right), and my Mom's five very talented home-cooking sisters. We truly are a foodie family.  You'll typically find us discussing lunch over coffee, dinner over lunch, and menu planning weeks before we all get together.

My mom's side has become known as "The Eating Keatings" (a tribute to my Grandparent's last name), so when I thought about what to name this blog, that is what instantly came to mind.  I love to see how the meals from my grandmother's table are now being passed down to me, my sisters, and cousins.   With a truly 'Euro-Mutt' pedigree, my family has adopted the best food traditions from a variety of cultures, and made them our own.  Food truly brings people together, and I can't imagine a family gathering without at least several amazing home-cooked meals, followed by late-night leftovers snacking over a game of scrabble, a jigsaw puzzle, and bottle of wine.

Cooking is something I'm truly passionate about - I think about it daily, love to talk about it, and share good recipes. So here's my blog! My musings about what I'm cooking and enjoying along with my husband in my own home, as well as some thoughts on table decor & entertaining thrown in for good measure.

Thanks for stopping by, and in the words of the incomparable Julia Child,
Bon Appétit!!!

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