Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bread Baking Virginity, Part 1.

It's Alive!!
The dough has risen!
Amazement.  It's the sort of thing that you see in a baby's eyes as you play 'peek-a-boo.' That "you're gone! Whoa! You're suddenly here again!" incredulity that, as adults, has us totally amused.  Such was my child like wonder as I set to the task of baking my very first loaf of bread.

Yes,  I am a bread baking virgin.  Sure, I've toyed with quick breads... I've made banana bread, cranberry tea bread, and even biscuits (recipes to come at a later date). I would equate those to going to 2nd base.  This time folks, I'm going all the way.

As I write, I'm nervously awaiting the 2 hour "double in size" process prior to baking.  I already made it through the 18 hour "wait for it to rise" epoch.  As I nervously uncovered the bowl this morning to see if the yeast had done its job, I had my own 'peek-a-boo' moment - it worked!  Amazing!  that lump of sticky ingredients that I mixed yesterday had risen to this airy, puffy, warm & comforting smelling mass of doughy amazingness, something only a mother could love. It seems like magic, only better, because you can eat it.

So now, I wait.  More to come when it's done.
Post kneading - waiting for one last rise.

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