Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guest Post! Alex's New Orleans Style Tuna Steaks & Sides

Yummo! I can't wait to try this!
One of the best things for me about the hubby starting medical school, is the wives/significant others of his fellow students that I have gotten to know - such a diverse group of amazing women (and some dudes) from all around the country, with all different experiences.  One of my newest partners in crime is the lovely Alex Z.

Alex and her hubby hail from New Orleans, and needless to say, they know food!  Alex has already taught me so much about New Orleans culture and food, added a delicious & zippy seasoning salt to my pantry, and opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Mardi Gras parties... so when she told me what she was whipping up for dinner tonight, I asked her to share so I could share with all of you.

This is one talented chica and not only does she make beautiful meals, she is also a jewelry designer who makes really incredible jewelry (I proudly sport a gorgy pearl bracelet with anchor charm that she custom designed for me!).  I am so happy to count Alex as one of my new friends, and I can't wait for all of the adventures we will share during this bumpy med school road. So without further ado - here's Alex's Sunday night dinner!

A note from Alex:
What a gorgeous couple!
Remember, we are from New Orleans and we like our stuff spicy!  For those who don't like or can't handle the heat, they may want to consider using other seasonings or only making part of this dish.  As a suggestion for dessert, bread pudding goes well.  

What you need:
- tuna steaks
- Paul Prudhome's Seafood Magic (or your favorite seasoning)
- salt
- butter and/or olive oil

What you do:
- Wash and dry the steaks
- when dry, season the steaks with Seafood Magic and salt
- in a skillet with a little butter and/or olive oil, cook tuna to you liking

What you need
- Red potatoes
- Zatarain's Crab boil
- salt
- milk
- butter

What you do:
Boil the potatoes
When potatoes are almost finished, put the crab boil bag into the pot with them.  (the longer the bag is in the pot, the spicier the potatoes will be, so if you aren't used to spice be careful!  I leave it in there for about 15-20 mins)
when potatoes are finished, drain, mash and use salt, butter and milk to your liking

What you need:
- can of corn 
- can of creamed corn
- tomato
- 1/2 green pepper
- 1/4 white onion
- Tony Chachere's Seasoning 
* Feel free to use more or less of the vegetables, but that is usually enough for me

What you do:
- chop the tomato, onion and green pepper
- drain the can of corn
- in an extra large pan or a pot mix all of the ingredients, except the seasonings, over medium heat
- when the mixture has cooked, add Tony's to taste
* sometimes, the tomatoes make the dish soupy, use some corn starch to correct that if necessary.

- that one is pretty self explanatory lol!


  1. how about a cooking class for the SSC? maybe a monthly cooking club? you girls sound like incredible cooks! share the wealth : )

  2. That sounds like a great idea - how fun would that be??